Psychological Injury Compensation Appeals

Without a doubt, psychological injury compensation appeals are the most difficult of all appeals in our opinion.

Often a decision will return with comments such as 'reasonable management action, taken in a reasonable way'.

Most often the expert personal injury law firms will not take them on appeal for fear of losing the bottom-line dollar value of the case.

Many years ago our founder Brian Newman saw this unfold with many of his work colleagues at the time in Queensland's Corrective Services Department.

After witnessing the ill effects of rejection, whilst still dealing with the trauma that caused the psychological injury in the first place, Brian and his original Workers First began to take up the slack and fill a void in the market to assist workers through the appeal process without the crushing cost of representation.

Today, Brian heads Akela Global and 1800ADVOCATES which owns and operates a number of different business units, all established to help the underdog.

Akela Global has many divisions within its 1800ADVOCATES network, all capable of assisting you or your business to reach an efficient resolution on unfair dismissal appeals.

Simply complete the form below, which will be managed by our Workers First case management system and let's get you the right advice on the issue fast.