Christine Holgate: Scott Morrison's bullying 'an utter disgrace'

Nick Pearson (9 News)

Former Australian Post CEO Christine Holgate has described Prime Minister Scott Morrison pushing for her resignation in Parliamentary Question Time as an "utter disgrace" and defended her controversial purchase of watches that first sparked calls for her to lose her job.

Mr Morrison called for Ms Holgate's removal as the boss of the nation's postal service last year after it was revealed she had bought expensive watches as a gift for executives as bonuses.

Speaking to ABC's 7.30 tonight, Ms Holgate described the Prime Minister's behaviour as "one of the worst acts of bullying I've ever witnessed".

"And even now I have to take myself out of myself to watch it," she said.

"I think you would have rather hoped that before someone publicly hung and humiliated you, that they may pick up the phone and call you and ask you directly what happened and why."

She said her decision to give Cartier watches as gifts to executives was "celebrated" internally before it caused a national firestorm.

Ms Holgate said the gifts came following a "significant investment" into Australia Post.

"If anyone's in any doubt about how important this (investment) was, go into the local community post office and ask the owner," she said.

"This was for actually getting a life-saving investment that many could have argued the government should have been giving to us to save the post offices."


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