KPMG’s catalogue of sexual harassment, bullying complaints

Edmund Tadros and Hannah Wootton (The Financial Review)

Consulting giant KPMG received almost 100 workplace complaints between 2014 and 2019 with allegations of bullying and sexual harassment growing or remaining steady over that period, raising questions about how widespread the conduct is and what the firm is doing to address it.

More than half of the 92 complaints over the period related to a growing number of bullying allegations against senior staff and partners, while the number of sexual harassment complaints, made mainly against junior staff, has remained steady.

The extent of KPMG’s conduct issues has been catalogued in a document tracking the complaints that was obtained by The Australian Financial Review.

There were 27 bullying complaints against senior staff and partners, with the number growing from 6 in 2014 to 11 in 2018, while the number of sexual harassment complaints has ranged between two and five annually during these years.

This type of information has never been made public and provides the first indication of the level and type of complaints over time that are made within a large professional services firm.


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