Review into sexual harassment within the South Australian legal profession released

Alice Dempster (ABC News)

A "deeply disturbing" report into sexual harassment within South Australia's legal profession has revealed widespread sexual and discriminatory harassment.

The review, by acting Equal Opportunity Commissioner Steph Halliday, involved a survey of those currently working, or who had previously worked in the legal profession, with more than 600 responses as well as interviews.

It found a "patriarchal and hierarchical culture", a "lack of cultural diversity" and a "deeply entrenched gender bias" were some of the drivers of harassment.

Some 42 per cent of respondents reported they had experienced sexual or discriminatory harassment at work, one-third of whom experienced it more than once.

The most common type of sexual harassment experienced was sexually suggestive comments or jokes being made, with nearly 70 per cent of respondents detailing such incidents.

"The men in the firm ... had a running joke about who could have sex on the most couches/armchairs in the office," one written response read.


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