Top businesses make harassment pledge

(Yahoo News)

Leading Australian businesses have publicly committed to stamping out workplace sexual harassment amid a nationwide reckoning sparked by a series of high-profile cases.

The chief executives of banks, legal firms, mining companies, universities and other groups have signed Diversity Council Australia's #IStandForRespect pledge.

The initiative was launched in early April and has since gained 147 signatories from businesses including ANZ, Bupa, Commonwealth Bank, Crown Resorts, Energy Australia, Network 10, Rio Tinto, Slater and Gordon, and the University of NSW.

It asks employers to stand against all gendered harassment and commit to taking steps within their own ranks to address sexual and sex-based harassment, making workplaces safe for everyone.

Diversity Council Australia boss and pledge founder Lisa Annese said it was an opportunity for business leaders to make a public commitment to end the scourge of sexual harassment.

"Now is the time to move from words to committed, collective action," she said in a statement on Friday.


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