WSPS CEO: What we learned from surviving a pandemic

Emily Douglas (Human Resources Director)

As president and CEO of Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS), Lynn Brownell knows a thing or too about the importance of organizational health.

“Health and safety has played a significant role in my professional journey,” Brownell told HRD. “I was never a consultant, but I’ve worked in this industry for most of my career – on the transportation side and then with the service sector, and now 11 years at Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) where we have an occupational health and safety prevention mandate covering agriculture, manufacturing and the service sectors. My career has focused on stakeholder communications and governance - areas of the business in which I still love being involved.

“In 2010, the Ontario Service Safety Alliance merged with the Industrial Accident Prevention Association and Farm Safety Association and WSPS was born. By this time, the goal of protecting the potential of workers and businesses through the prevention of workplace incidents had really become a passion for me. During the amalgamation, I worked as a director of strategy, stakeholder and government relations which meant I had the pleasure of working closely with the senior teams from the three legacy organizations as we transitioned to one organization with one board of directors. The board graciously appointed me as acting CEO in 2016 and then the role become permanent in 2017.

“Here at WSPS, my main contribution centres around connecting people: government and industry; business leaders, communities and partners; our employees, volunteers and customers. There are many moving parts in what we do and many relationships that need to be nurtured. Although protecting people’s physical health and safety is still our top priority, we have moved into spaces such as mental harm prevention, the role of leadership in creating a strong safety culture, and of course, the impact of technology on everything we do.”


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